With the vast variety of new film festivals (a great thing) cropping up each year, the Northwest Film & Video Festival remains unique as both the region’s oldest and most comprehensive showcase of new regional work, and as the only one—for three decades now—that has a touring program. While many of the films the festival showcases also find national and international audiences with their regionalism uncelebrated, here, that recognition and the camaraderie of bringing makers and audience together to recognize and inspire each other is in fact the goal.

But there’s more to the Northwest Festival than watching. It’s an opportunity for education and information that illuminates the media making resources available regionally. This year, we’re going about it in a little different way. Following the BarCamp model begun in software circles, we are having an exciting, user generated “un-conference” where filmmakers and industry guests decide the topics, set the agenda and make the presentations. Along with that, Warren Etheredge is conducting the ever-popular “What’s Wrong With This Picture.” Part screening, part stand-up comedy, all instructive, Etheredge offers his insight and leads a conversation about learning to see how others might. For filmmakers struggling to find a voice and style that connects with audiences, it’s an informative, often entertaining opportunity for critical feedback. The Festival is also a moment to award the annual Oregon Media Arts Fellowship, an initiative that helps fund work we hope we’ll screen in the future.

A great family of sponsors interested in our creative community help make this all possible. We thank our longtime supporters—Laika, Wieden+Kennedy, National Endowment for the Arts, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, and Willamette Week—for their continuing investment. This year special thanks goes to Owen Jones and Partners, the creativity behind this year’s “Let It Out” marketing campaign that includes our festival trailer and poster.

Independent filmmaking is flourishing in Portland and throughout the Northwest. The evidence is on screen. We hope it will spark your desire to add your voice. Creativity and inspiration are depression- and recession-proof. Come find inspiration and Let It Out!

Thomas Phillipson, Festival Coordinator
Bill Foster, Director, Northwest Film Center


All press and sponsorship inquiries may be directed to Jessica Lyness, Public Relations & Marketing Manager, at 503 221 1156 x 14 or jessica@nwfilm.org.

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